Welcome to Calen Spindler’s Website!

Okay, so I know that it doesn’t look like much right now, but this is going to be my “official” site. This is the site where I will do my best to be professional and to try keep the cursing to a minimum.

(However if you’re not offended by cursing or posts about getting a Brazilian bikini wax at a Jewish Community Center, then you should definitely visit my blog Kat O’ Nine Tales because even when this site is completely up and running, I’m still going to be posting regularly on there. And when I say “posting regularly” I mean “when I get to it” because my posting schedule can vary from twice a month to twice a week.)

That said, what you can expect to find here will be news about upcoming releases and all of that jazz, but I’d also like to do some posts about what I’ve learned about writing. Both of these expectations are rather hilarious at the moment because my book isn’t published yet so I don’t have any news, and in that respect most people probably wouldn’t put any stock into my posts about writing, but I’m going to do them anyway because that’s how I roll.

Your flight has landed.Welcome to CalenSpindler.com

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